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Why I Started Tailgate Party Talk

August 7, 2018


Anyone that knows me, and many that don't but have had the misfortune of standing near me at a bar during a sporting event, knows my love for sports is...unreasonable. Always has been. I remember as a kid one of my favorite parts of coming home for summer was being able to listen to George Levesque's "George and the Jungle" show every day from 11 to 1 on the local AM station. George was even kind enough to take my calls as I gave my adolescent opinions based off reading Sports Illustrated and the Abilene Reporter News sports page. Even then, I consumed sports a little differently though.  I never really had daydreams of being the star quarterback or shortstop...it was the coverage of sports that fascinated me. Why athletes, teams, and fans do what they do. As I've grown and matured, interests and priorities have changed but that is a part of my subconscious I have never outgrown. It is truly a passion of mine.


Last year I was able to make a long-time dream come true. I was invited to talk about sports (Fantasy Football in fact...one of my strongest vices) on the Fantasy News Hour radio show. I doubt TJ and Brandon know just how much it really meant to me go on every Thursday from 6 to 7 and actually write for a fantasy sports website. It was literally a dream come true. I even tried my hand at some Facebook Live "shows" in the All Sports All Day closed Facebook group. I am not naïve enough to think that I am good enough or qualified to do this, but I am always willing. And if I give even one person a thinking point or joy with any of my content, then I see it as worth it. 


So...onto my next crazy venture. I am a born and raised Abilenian and I truly love calling West Texas home. The people are so genuinely kind, warm, and welcoming. But let's be honest...things move a little slower out here. We may not exactly be "innovators" when it comes to trying new things and ideas. But that is one area I think I go against the grain from many of my fellow West Texans. Thankfully, I know there are many more in this community that are starting to feel the same way.


Anyway, onto my plan.


I am starting a sports podcast. But not just sports and not just a podcast. It will be called "Tailgate Party Talk" and will focus on ALL aspects of one of coolest events in sports: the tailgate party. We will talk about all the most interesting happenings in national and local sports with a West Texas perspective, but the tailgate party isn't just about the game! We will be talking to and partnering with interesting people in the community in the craft beer and food industry as well. Because after all what is tailgating without a good cold beer and hot plate of barbecue?


But we aren’t stopping there. We hope to BRING the tailgate into the community. The goal is, in addition to putting out great podcasts for our listeners, also do live casts and watch parties WITH our listeners. So yeah, it's a podcast, but I sure hope it becomes so much more. I think this part of Texas deserves to have its own contemporary voice in sports, beer, and food instead of just listening. I want to at least try to give it that.


I have no idea if this will work. I have no training or education in this. I am just a guy with two microphones, a laptop, and an unreasonable love for sports, beer, and food. But, if my suspicions are correct, I am not the only one in this part of the country that feels that way. So I have that same feeling I had has a pre-teen listening to George Levesque on my boombox in my room as I grabbed the family landline to call into his show. Nervous...but I have to try. I hope you'll crack open a cold one and join me.

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